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Commercial self service OrangeerO Juicer:

OrangeerO self-service juicer is the most efficient squeezer in the international market. It has an advanced design both on the outside and inside. The parts are made of stainless steel and PP plastic.

In order to use the juicer you previously need to wash fresh oranges and place them in the top of the machine. The fruits will be squeezed and they will produce fresh juice. By gravity, the fresh juice will be automatically filtered.

The OrangeerO juicers can be placed in a wide range of businesses, such as: in pubs, in stores selling of natural juices, in restaurants, in hotels, in resorts, in tea houses and in cafés.

The OrangeerO commercial juicer has the advantage of offering a natural and a healthy beverage, which in the near future will replace the classic sugary soft drink.


  • High quality commercial components
  • The extracted juice is absolutely safe
  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Safe and efficient fruits cutter
  • Squeeze about 20 to 22 oranges per minute
  • 4 to 7 orange glasses (25 cl) per minute
  • The juicers do not work without the external cover
  • Easy to operate and to clean parts
  • Can be used in small drink bars, natural juice retailers, restaurants, hotels, tearooms and cafés.
  • It has an advanced design both on the outside and inside. Its parts are made of stainless steel and PP plastic.

Instructions of use:

  • Place the OrangeerO juicer on a stable support (table or bar) and connect the power plug.
  • Safety check before turning on the machine:
    • The nuts must be screwed correctly.
    • Position the knife correctly (press it on the bottom).
    • Attach the protection cover properly on each side.
  • Turn on the juicer by pushing the green power button
  • Place the washed fresh oranges on the top of the squeezer. The juicer will peel off the skin from the oranges/lemons/pomegranate, and produce the expected filtered fresh juice.


Package content:

  • OrangeerO automatic juicer
  • A pair of peeling implement
  • Cross implement 
  • 8-10mm screwdriver 
  • Electronic supply

OrangeerO Juicer main specifications:

Power supply: 230V-220V 50HZ/110-120V 60HZ
Power consumption: 120W
Size of orange/lemons/pomegranate required: from 40 to 80mm
Output average speed: 20-22 units/minute


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